What kind of payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards and also accept Paypal payments. Paypal is world renowned as well as Stripe which is a secure payment gateway that ensures buyer protection and provides payment guarantees while never keeping any credit card information on file.
How do I place an order?
To place your order, you choose the item that you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. Then, proceed to the checkout page where you fill in your personal information and pay for the order. Make sure to complete all steps in the payment procedure when paying so that we are able to capture the amount and ship your order.
What International countries do you ship to?
We ship/deliver worldwide. :)
When do items ship out?
Items are usually shipped within 24 hours after an order is received so if you want to cancel or amend an order email us straight away and we can help.
How much does shipping/delivery cost?
Although we deliver worldwide, we are committed to FREE DELIVERY/SHIPPING. This makes our items very affordable as you don't incur any extra charges. We source our products directly from suppliers, thus we can cut costs and provide you with free shipping. However, this saving comes with trade-off. With our free shipping service, our orders may take longer to arrive since the manufacturer determines the shipping method.
How long does shipping/delivery take?
As the items will be shipped from abroad, as well as the fact that we offer FREE delivery/shipping on all our products, usually shipping is between 10-20 working days. Some countries can take a little longer, while others are quicker, but an average time worldwide is between 10-20 working days. Please take this into consideration and give time for the parcel to arrive when placing an order.

There are circumstances that are out of control (natural disasters, holidays, weather, etc) that may cause shipping postponements. While most packages will arrive on time, there may be circumstances and delays that our carriers may experience. For this reason, we do not guarantee the exact delivery time. Delivery issues are the responsibility of the shipping company. Of course we are happy to help with whatever we can.
What courier will be used for delivery?
The courier service actually depends on our fulfilment centre. This is because our products are sourced from different countries to ensure that you get the best price for it. Courier services vary from country to country and also depend where in the world we are sending the items as we ship globally.
Is it possible to track my order?
Yes, a tracking number will be added to your order within 5-7 days. Check back on the link provided in your confirmation email to view your order and find your tracking number. To track your order, go to: http://www.17track.net/en or http://global.cainiao.com/en and enter your tracking number. Sometimes a tracking number can be delayed in appearing on this system.

Rest assured it will come up, please wait around 3-5 days for it to show up if it doesn't work straight away. Usually once the item reaches your country, the tracking number will work with your local postal tracking service. To save time on dispatch, items are sent as soon as they are ready to be shipped. This means sometimes having more than one tracking number if your order contains multiple items.
Why did I receive only part of my order?
If you ordered multiple items they may be dispatched separately. Since we source our products from multiple suppliers directly, and thus pass the savings on to you, you may receive your items in separate packages, but rest assured, they are on their way.

Why was I sent multiple tracking numbers?
If you ordered multiple products, please note that you may receive several packages as our suppliers are worldwide and some of our items are shipping from different locations.
Where is my order?
In most cases, your order will reach your shipping address within three weeks. However, there are rare cases when the item will reach you after more than 30 days. If this happens, please contact us at islambydesign@hotmail.co.uk and we will investigate your order.

How do I return/refund an order?
Sometime the item is not to your liking and that is OK. On rare occasions we send the wrong package, mistake happens sometimes. Please see our Refund Policy for more details. 
How often is the site updated?
New products are added all the time. Bookmark our website and keep checking back for new cool products. :) 

Our 6 Point Customer Promise

1.) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
2.) Free Fault Replacement Guarantee 
3.) Tracking Number For Every Order 
4.) Safe Payments Via Stripe or Paypal
5.) Real People On Our Internet Helpdesk/Social Media
6.) FREE Shipping Worldwide & No Hidden Costs